Day 12

Firstly, apologies… it’s been a quiet week on the blog, ironically that’s because we have been so very busy!

So, as I mentioned in our last post, we kicked the week off at The Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) in Schoeneweide with Heike Ernst and her students who are producing prototypes for a modern Schoeneweide. The lecture was interesting and useful on so many levels. It was fascinating to see how a contemporary design thinking process works and how creative it has to be to be effective. The session gave us some real inspiration for our own work which will focus on what makes ones perfect home perfect.

We have met so many people over the last few days and the vast majority love Berlin and don’t intend on making a move anytime soon. When I think back to places I’ve lived and visited in the UK, it’s commonplace for people around our age to be looking for a new destination, a new home in a new city. That mentality isn’t so common here. So, what is it about this city that makes it so popular? Maybe I just get this impression because we have been networking mostly with artists and people alike, they certainly have something to stay here for. Nevertheless, there’s something special about this city and we want to know what it is. Over the next few weeks we’ll continue our journey with networking, exploration and creating our own work, but with a continued goal to find out what makes Berlin, Berlin. As mentioned in our last post, we would like to open the space at some point to the public, allowing them to leave a message – their favourite place in the city, what they love about it etc.

Tuesday (Day 10) saw the start of our devising process for our one night performance, ‘Doubles’. The show will be hosted by The Institut für Alles Mögliche on the 31st of this month. The length and exact content of the show is still to be developed but our workshop on Tuesday with other residents at the Institut produced a core idea and focus for the work. We will be working along side a painter and a photographer, both residents from the US. The piece is still in its early embryonic stages, but as it stands, the shopfront will be opened and set up like a typical contemporary gallery. The work on display will have relevance to the theme of doubles and painter Zoe Ciupitu is looking at the double meaning of identity when introduced to a social media environment. Danny and I are looking at Antonin Artaud’s ‘Theatre and its Double’ which was intended as an attack on theatrical convention. We will in some way incorporate quotes from his work and bring them into the piece, adding another layer onto the static work in the space. We hope to surprise the audience and confuse them as to the conventions within the gallery.

Whilst living in and using our shop front we have become more and more aware of peoples intrigue as they pass by. We are entertained by their reactions as much as they are entertained by what they see. Yesterday we put together a few small scale installation/sketch ideas that involve members of the public entering the space and interacting with us in some way. We like the idea of shocking, startling or confusing them to tempt a reaction of some sort. We’ll update you on these ideas a they develop… today we begin work on a small improvisation called ‘Zurückbleiben Bitte’.



To end, some photographs taken on Tuesday evening at The Festival of Lights –

Some of the most incredible super scale projections we’ve ever seen.

DSC_0270 DSC_0259 Festival of Lights, Berlin 2014 DSC_0254

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