Day 6

Today we attended the ‘Doubles Brunch’ as organised by Stefan Riebel, our landlord and main contact whilst in Berlin. On arrival at the studio on Ackerstrasse in Mitte we met our fellow institut residents for the first time, all artists living in separate studio spaces much like our own… Amongst us there were painters, photographers and filmmakers, and of course ourselves representing the actors. The idea of the meeting was not only to introduce ourselves to one another but also to consider working together on a small project for the next few weeks with an aim to show our work on the 31st of October in a performance called Doubles. We all agreed that working together on such a project would be of great interest and we decided to meet again in the coming week to discuss ideas. Very positive indeed, we’ll update you as and when. 

Tonight we are going to ‘Asian Art Week @ The Ballery’ a gallery exhibition on Nollendorfstrasse featuring artists of Asian descent.
Afterwards we plan to experience some of Berlin’s electronic music scene courtesy of ‘Hexenschuss and Dane Joe’ described as ‘digital poetry with high pitched mumbling and dirty guitar sounds’ a fun evening hopefully!

Glücklich Freitag!


One thought on “Day 6

  1. Hi Oliver,
    So nice to hear from you on such an exciting project! I had a fantastic time in Berlin 3 years ago when we went for the Opera- we stayed in Berlin Mitte on Chausseestrasse in great apartments-such an edgy ,arty city- Museum Island is a WOW! We saw operas Tristan and Isolde and Salome-fantastic with Barenboim conducting.
    We actually have an Australian working there in theatre- Barry Kosky is the artistic director of the Komische Oper.
    You are in one of the most creative places on earth- enjoy and flourish!


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