Day 4

For those of you who don’t know what we are up to, here’s a little explanation…

We are currently living in Neukölln, Berlin on a residency project. Our two months here will be spent exploring the city, finding inspiration in its history and culture leading to the production our own work and collaboration with other artists. We didn’t come out here with a timetable or list of things to achieve and do, just a couple of open minds looking to take every opportunity we can to learn and develop as artists.

We have the luxury of being residents at the INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE (… Our living area is attached to a shop front on the busy Sonnenallee. The space is bright, versatile, creative and ours to use as we please. Couldn’t as for much more to be honest…

Our location - Oct-Nov14
Our location – Oct-Nov14

So today is day 4, the day when we get ourselves organised… our blog is up and running and we have a plan for the rest of the week.

Day 1 was mainly spent travelling. On arrival we paid a visit to ‘Pi.Pa.So’ – they do tasty pizza and a beer for 5euro, they are good neighbours.

On Day 2 we explored the local area, stocked up the fridge and put together a list of things to see… there are too many installations, shows and exhibitions to even consider seeing so it’s a case of picking our favourites and fitting them in.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Heike Ernst and Sabine Heron. Heike is a lecturer at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft and Sabine is an artist and curator. We’re looking forward to working with them both over the next few weeks… Heike’s work with her students about the redevelopment of Schoeneweide, a run down area in old East Berlin is of great interest to us. The concept of developing an area which will benefit its current residents and avoiding gentrification is what her students will be working on. Their approach to designing the future of the city is something we hope to adopt in our work. I see a collaboration on the horizon… Watch this space!

Tomorrow we visit Schoeneweide to document what we see and to identify what potential the area has for artists like us.



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